Emergency Preparedness and Survival Gear

From bug out kits to backpacks and first aid kits, LegacyFoodStorage.com has the emergency preparedness gear that you need.  These items are a fantastic addition to your food supply and provide the essential emergency supplies you need!

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Emergency Manual Well Pump - 25, 50, or 100 Feet

Many preppers ultimate dream is to have their own well for a constant supply of water, but having a sturdy, affordable emergency hand well pump that easily fits their well is the key to...

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Emergency Water Supply Box - 5 Gallon Container

The 5-Gallon Water Supply Box from Legacy Premium is the ultimate in space-saving and efficient water storage. Water storage is essential for an emergency, and most experts agree that having at least...

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Solar Storm 100 Watt Solar Panel w/ 6' EC8 Cable - Rigid, Mountable Frame

Solar Storm 100 watt solar panels are the ideal charging solution for the APEX Solar Generator. Durable, light, rigid, mountable and portable. Daisy-chain them...

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Apex Generator Car Charger Adapter

The universal 12 volt car charger adapter is compatible with the Apex solar generator and gives you one more method of charging the generator. Male...

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Solar Powered Water Purifier Backpack - 100 Gallons per Day

Water is the key to survival and absolutely critical to the human body. With the Solar Powered Water Filtration Backpack, you can filter up to 100 gallons per day of fresh, clean,...

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73-Quart (70L) High-Performance Rotomolded Cooler

Durability, Ruggedness, Versatility, and Toughness! You aren't going to find a better option than the 73-Quart High-Performance Rotomolded Cooler by Legacy. These heavy-duty coolers keep the heat out with their innovative design, high...

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ThermaFuel – 1 Gallon Jug - Diethylene Glycol Long Shelf Life Fuel

ThermaFuel is a non-toxic, smokeless and clean burning fuel made of Diethylene Glycol. You can use indoors or outdoors with no worry of carbon monoxide. ThermaFuel is shelf stable for over 20 years,...

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$ 45.00

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ThermaFuel Refillable Emergency Stove – Complete Fuel & Stove System

Available in 2 options, the ThermaFuel refillable emergency stove is the perfect cooking system for any emergency. The refillable stove uses shelf stable, non-toxic ThermaFuel Diethylene Glycol fuel which can be burned...

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$ 100.00

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Portable Parabolic Sun Oven - Solar Cooking Appliance

Solar-powered cooking has never been this simple or efficient! With the Portable Parabolic Solar Oven by Legacy, everything you need, except the food, is self contained in one simple device...

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$ 345.00

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Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Ultimate Base Camp Kit

The Kelly Kettle Ultimate Base Camp is the perfect addition to your emergency supplies. We have not found a more complete outdoor cooking stove kit anywhere. Use twigs, leaves, and...

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$ 224.99

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Complete Toilet Set with EcoGel

You never know when a disaster may come, especially when it comes to sanitation. Earthquakes, hurricanes, and backed up sewers may happen and flushing the toilet may not be an option. With...

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$ 48.99

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Eco Gel Sanitation Pack - 20 Gel Sticks and 10 Liner bags

EcoGel is a revolutionary new product that makes disposable of waste a dream come true, especially during an emergency. Each EcoGel Stick (20 included) is a pain-free way to treat up to...

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Ultimate Auto Emergency and Safety Kit

Car problems are the worst...especially if you are unprepared for them! Every car owner knows that preparing to have car issues or troubles at some point is probably a smart thing to...

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Emergency Pet Survival Kits - Dog or Cat Options

In preparing to take care of your family should a disaster occur, don't forget about some of the smallest members of your family...your cats and dogs! For many of us, pets are...

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StormBag Flood Protection Kits - Rapidly Expanding Sand-less Bags

Protecting your home from floodwaters just got a whole let simpler... Introducing the Rapid Expandable SandBag. The 16oz. bag will expand to 33 lbs in 3-5 minutes after being submerged in water....

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5 to 30 Gallon Blue Water Container Packages - Stackable

The 5-Gallon Blue Water Container from Legacy Premium is the perfect solution for efficient and effective water storage. Water storage is critical for any emergency preparations, and most survival experts agree that having at least 1...

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1500 Watt Solar Generator w/ Flexible Panels - 1.1kWh Lithium Ion Technology

***DUE TO CUSTOMS DELAY, PLEASE ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR SHIPPING***The APEX Solar Generator Kit by Inergy is a powerful 1500W solar generator that most kids can pick up (weighs about 25...

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$ 1,999.99

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Linx 100 Watt Solar Panel w/ 6' EC8 Cable - Flexible, Lightweight, Portable

Linx 100 Watt Solar Panels are perfect for charging the APEX Solar Generator and are the on-the-go panel to have. Lightweight, flexible, and ETFE Laminated for...

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$ 309.99

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30-Foot EC8 Solar Panel Cable

Need a little bit longer cable to connect your Linx or Storm 100w Solar Panel to your Apex solar generator? This...

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13-in-1 Survival Tool Kit - Compact, Portable, Waterproof Case

Looking for a portable survival kit with great gadgets? Well great news then, you have stumbled upon an awesome 13-in-1 compact tool kit from Legacy. This waterproof little case is jam packed...

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