Water is Essential for Emergency Preparedness- Part 2

How much water do you need to have stored? The minimum quantity of water you should have for emergency preparedness is one gallon per person per day for two weeks. It is even better to have an additional one half gallon to one gallon per person per day for washing, food preparation, and sanitation. The more water added to your storage plan the better. Hot weather will require you to have even more water. Cooking and bathing will require water. If you are still in your home during an emergency you’ll need water to flush toilets, although potable water isn’t required for that job. Children, elderly, nursing mothers, and ill people consume more water than normal. Finally, an unforeseen event usually requires more of everything than originally planned; be safe and add a lot of water to your emergency preparedness plan. Additional ideas:•Store some of your water in a place that’s easy to access and transport. You never know what you’ll need to do during an emergency.•Storing 60 gallons per person for a month is best.•Be mindful of stacking storage products as it can cause a hazard to smaller children.•Pre-moistened towelettes or baby wipes in storage can minimize the water needed in an emergency.•Don’t forget about your pets. They need water as much as you do. ---Phil---Phil is a husband and father of three. He has a graduate degree in business and professional experience in real estate and fund raising. Phil and his wife have become interested in emergency preparedness over the last two years.

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