Survival Gear: Essential Medical Supplies

Having a well-supplied first aid kit is important for day-to-day living, and is an emergency preparedness requirement. Accidents happen all the time, and we all know how to squeeze a little dab of antibiotic ointment and apply a band-aid, but the basic first aid knowledge is an important set of skill set that many people don’t have. An online study conducted a few years ago indicated that only 21% of all Americans claimed they would be comfortable performing CPR on another person. While CPR itself doesn’t typically require any medical equipment, the statistic itself is a clear reminder that there are a lot of people who wouldn’t know how to help another person in need of minor medical attention. Most of us would like to be able to help someone if they were injured or in a life threatening situation, and proper first aid education is critical in being able to provide basic treatment that could prevent further injury or save someone’s life. Community organizations like the American Red Cross act as a good resource for those who have an interest in acquiring rudimentary first aid skills, while offering certifications that are usually valid for several years. In the meantime, be sure and stock your survival gear with all the supplies essential to providing basic medical attention. By being educated, trained and having immediate access to the proper medical provisions you’ll be doing a service not only for yourself, but also for everyone you encounter.Essential First Aid Kit SuppliesMedications
    Aloe VeraAntihistaminesAspirin or IbuprofenAntacidsAnti-Diarrhea PillsCalamine Lotion LaxativesPersonal Medications
Basic Provisions
      Ace BandageAdhesive TapeAntibiotic Ointment Antiseptic Wipes Bandages Burn Ointment Butterfly Stitches Cotton Balls and Q TipsDisposable Latex Gloves Eye Wash (Saline Solution) Gauze (various sizes)
    Ointment Hand Sanitizer or SoapInsect Bite Kit Instant Cold and Heat PacksMagnifying Glass NeedlesPetroleum JellyRubbing Alcohol Safety Pins Scissors Smelling Salts Sterile Pads Suction Device for Flushing out WoundsThermometer Tourniquet Tweezers Wet Wipes
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