Our Top 5 Books on Survival

Many of our posts talk about having the proper survival gear, but what do you do once you have collected all your equipment? We’re going to take a look at five of our favorite books for surviving virtually any natural disaster. Not all of these books will apply to your specific situation, so decide which situations you need to be prepared for most and start there. If you live in southern Arizona you might not need avalanche survival skills on a regular basis or if you live in Michigan finding water may not be the best skill to focus on. Start with one thing and then you can learn more, don’t overwhelm yourself by doing it all at once.We have picked a wide variety of these books which cover beginner to advanced and physical survival skills to mental survival skills.
Surviving a Disaster: Evacuation Strategies and Emergency Kits for Staying Alive
      — By Tony Nester If you’re fairly new to this arena and are looking for a quick and dirty run down of basics, this is a good one. This book is geared mostly for short term survival, and it’s only 64 pages. The author points out that he can get out of the house, kids in tow, in fifteen minutes with enough
survival gear
      for a week. This is highly recommended for beginners. BEGINNER PHYSICAL SURVIVAL2)
The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes — and Why
      — By Amanda Ripley This book focuses on the mental survival tactics of disaster survival. It explores how your mind reacts in a state of emergency. Needless to say, in a state of emergency there are certain primordial reactions that you can’t suppress, but being aware of them is the key to overcoming them. Small emphasis is placed on actual techniques and gear required. ADVANCED MENTAL SURVIVAL3)
Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
      — By Laurence Gonzales "Deep Survival" is not a traditional how-to survival book. This book is another one that focuses on the mental aspects of survival instead of the actual tangible actions. Author Laurence Gonzales has written survival stories for "National Geographic Explorer," "Outside" and "Men's Journal". He uncovers the psychology behind why 10 percent of people faced with a life-threatening situation stay calm, cool and focused, while the other 90 percent freeze and panic. INTERMEDIATE MENTAL SURVIVAL4)
SAS Survival Handbook: For Any Climate, in Any Situation
      — By John Wiseman John Wiseman is a former survival instructor for the British Special Air Service. This elite unit carries out operations all over the world. He knows his material down cold and is well respected and renowned in the survival community. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive book that covers everything from car crashes, earthquakes and terrorist attacks, this book has it all. ADVANCED PHYSICAL SURVIVAL5)
U.S. Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76
    — By Department of Defense The "U.S. Army Survival Manual" presents straightforward information in an easy-to-understand style. Comparable to the SAS book, this book is written instead by the Department of the Army and is geared more towards our home soil. Many of the same information is covered, but it may be slightly easier to understand and doesn’t include any Britishisms. INTERMEDIATE PHYSICAL SURVIVAL
While this list is just a beginning, having a book about survival might be the most important item in your survival gear so you know what to do with everything you have collected . If this is an area that you are interested in you can start with these books and then research on your own to find other books on more specific topics. Happy survivaling!---Curtis Familia---

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