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Homemade Fire Starters for your Survival Gear

Starting a fire is fairly easy, but it can be frustrating. Whether you’re sitting in front of your fire place at home or a fire pit outside, starting a fire can be tricky. The trick is to start off with something that burns for a long time then gradually add larger and larger pieces of wood until you reach your desired size of fire. Fire starters make this process easier by burning a long time and lighting easy and they are a great addition to anyone’s survival gear. Being able to start a fire can be for fun but it is also practical for survival. Listed below are a few homemade fire starters that cost virtually nothing. There are many options, but here are some of our favorites. Cotton Balls Saturated with Petroleum JellyWhat you need
      : Cotton balls, petroleum Jelly, ziplock bag.This one’s simple, just grab a bag of cotton balls and a bottle of petroleum jelly. One by one, either submerge the cotton balls into the jelly or work the jelly into the cotton balls with your fingers. The more you really work the jelly into the balls, the longer the cotton will stay lit.
Dryer Lint EggsWhat you need
      : egg carton, dryer lint, waxHere’s a trick I learned as a Boy Scout. Every time you empty your dryer lint, instead of throwing it away, save it! Take that dryer lint and carefully place it into the individual holes in a cardboard egg carton. Melt down some candles and drizzle the wax over the lint. Once cooled, you can either cut out the individual holes or store the entire egg carton. Egg cartons were made for stacking so it keeps things nice and tidy.
Wax-coated Pine ConesWhat you need
      : wax, pine conesIf you live in an area with coniferous trees, you can walk outside and find bundles of pine cones. If you take these pine cones and apply some melted wax, you have yourself a fine fire starter.
Soaked TwigsWhat you need
    : liquid fuel, twigsIf you have a gas tank or any sort of fire starting fuel, take some small twigs, clean them off, and place them inside the container. One of these babies will get your fire roaring in no time.
No matter what option you use for a fire starter you need something to get these items lit. It is always a good idea to have a lighter but they can run out so having waterproof matches is a great alternative. Waterproof MatchesWhat you need
    : Matches, paraffin waxThere are many ways to waterproof matches but we like using paraffin wax the best. Melt your paraffin wax in a double boiler so the wax doesn’t get any water in it. Dip your matches into the wax to cover the match head and part of the stick, or you can dip the whole match in the wax, it is your preference. For best results waterproof your matches as soon as you open a box so the matches do not pick up any moisture.
There are many different solutions to homemade fire starters, these are some of the highest reviewed and most logical. Always remember to practice the utmost of safety around fire and in general, keep small children away from the flames as much as possible. What are some of your favorite techniques for fire starters that you think everyone should have in their survival gear? ---Curtis Familia---

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