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10 Movies to Prompt Emergency Preparedness Action

We all have different things in mind when we create an emergency preparedness plan, but have you really thought of every possible scenario there is in order to ensure you’ll be ready for anything? I mean anything. Thanks to the good folks in Hollywood there aren’t too many situations that are likely to ever occur that haven’t been the subject of a film already. Fortunately, that makes thinking about creating a preparedness supply list not only smart, but entertaining as well. In other words, we should never be short on ideas about ways to be prepared for a variety of possible, improbable, or imaginary series of life altering events.To help get the creative juices flowing I’ve compiled a list of 10 movies that will help you identify some items and methods that you may not have thought of to add to your survival gear inventory. I realize of course this list includes movies that might not appeal to everyone, so keep in mind there are plenty of other films out there that offer valuable insight regarding how you might be able to prepare for the next cataclysmic event, viral outbreak, foreign/alien invasion, or encounter with a zombie.
The Road
      (R) A dark, post-apocalyptic tale of suffering, survival and hope. (If nothing else, try the book.)2.
The Day After Tomorrow
      (PG-13) Preparedness might not do us much good in this situation, but the special effects are pretty amazing.3.
28 days later
      (R) Scary Zombies doing all kinds of gory and terrible things. 4.
Red Dawn
      (PG-13) - Invading Russians take over a small rural town in America. If you haven’t seen it, see it. If you have seen it, watch it again.5.
12 Monkeys
      (R) Time travel, a crazy man and a bleak sci-fi future plagued by a deadly virus. 6.
The Invasion
      (PG-13) An extraterrestrial takeover and an alien epidemic? Oh no!7.
The Book of Eli
      (R) A mysterious drifter with a secret travels a ravaged, post apocalyptic America. 8.
      (R) Not so far fetched. A Deadly airborne virus threatens mankind.9.
      (R) A gory comedy that offers not only laughs, but also good zombie survival techniques.10.
I Am Legend
    (PG-13) Will Smith on a mission to save what’s left of humanity. Again.
Classic Bonus Film:Dr. Strangelove (PG) A demented general seeks to launch the next nuclear holocaust in this Stanley Kubrick classic. If you’re a film lover, feel free to add to the list.---Jared Matkin---Jared Matkin is a Salt Lake City based freelance writer and outdoor enthusiast who is continually on the lookout for innovative and usable products designed to help improve the way we live.

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