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Happy Customers!

Very good product!

Tiff 12/09/17

Very good product here, I might just buy several of these buckets instead of your other packages. Everything has tasted great and the variety has been very enjoyable. I could live off of this stuff for an extended period of time if forced to. Thanks!

A lot of food!

Shelby 10/25/16

I am glad that you offer this bucket, it is a great way to let someone try all your food. I wish that the portions were a little bit smaller, but your pouches provide a lot of food. I liked lots of the meals that I have tried and think that you guys have a very good product.

We love this!

Charlie 01/15/17

We love this big sample pack, it is wonderful. We like that we have been able to taste all the different meals, and so far so good. We have been very pleased with the food and think that your company is much better than the other ones that we have tried. Thanks for htis.

This is great!

Brynley 06/10/17

I love being able to try everything all in one place. This is great to have and I was shocked at how much food acturally comes in each pouch.


Natalie 11/27/16

This is really smart of you guys and I am glad that you offer this. The food has been terrific and we love the packaging. Thanks.

Best value by far!

Mike 02/29/17

Very solid product line that you guys are offering. The food has been pretty good, considering it is emergency food. I like the drink mixes, and several of the sides have tasted great, and most of the meals that I have tried are very good.