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Legacy is the Best Value in Food Storage

Legacy Premium Food Storage offers the best value in the food storage industry, period!

  • Lowest Cost per Pound Legacy Premium offers the lowest cost per pound. See chart below.
  • FREE Shipping No minimum order necessary. Free shipping on everything.
  • Up to 25 Year Shelf Life Independently tested. Produced with Honeyville Grain. Highest rated.
  • Best Tasting 4 out of 5 people voted Legacy Premium best tasting.
  • 100% Gluten Free Available Get 100% gluten free meals that taste great!
  • Most Nutritious Non-GMO, no MSG or AYE, our food qualifies as the most nutritious, bar none!
I absolutely love the ability to store food back for hard times. Legacy offers a product that will offer good eating during those times when food is too expensive or unavailable. Thanks Legacy!
I ordered your product and it arrived in just 4 days from the time that I ordered. Tried the Pasta Alfredo for a side dish with dinner. We were very surprised at the taste and quality of this dish. The kids asked for seconds and they are very finicky eaters. We even had a good amount left over for another meal. I will highly recommend your products to our friends.
It is common sense to be prepared for any disaster and mostly in these end times, I checked on the Internet on different websites about the best food to buy for these emergencies and that would last many years and always Legacy came in number one, also the food choices offered were much better. I have not opened it of course because I just wanted it for an emergency but it was well packed and shipping was very fast.
Straightforward, and honest offerings. have tried several "emergency food" vendors. many have websites or emails that say "click this, or after ordering, a menagerie of additional offers at highly inflated prices must be negotiated to finally place an order. Service & shipping have been very good on all my orders.
High quality food, packaged well, stored in sturdy, thick plastic buckets. The serving sizes are big, and as I read in my research, the food tastes really good, even for "emergency" food. It makes me feel more secure to have this edible insurance
Love doing business with this company. Things arrive in better shape and quicker than Amazon or overstock! I will continue to use you only!!
ordered on wed. had delivery fri--wow
What a great bargain & the best deal around. Thanks.

See How Legacy Premium Compares

Package Name Premium 720 Servings Ultimate 30 Day Package for 2 720 Servings Easy Prep 3-Month Bundle 632 Entree Plan 1440 Serving Bucket
Total Cost (with Shipping) $2,045.00 $1,469.99 $1,699.99 $1,999.00 $1,646.99 $1,510.00
Total Package Weight 185 lb 90 lb 135 lb 99 135 lb 112 lb
Cost per Pound of Food $11.05 per lb $16.33 per lb $12.59 per lb $20.13 per lb $12.20 per lb $13.48 per lb
Total Calories 283,120 Total Calories 135,360 Total Calories 155,280 Total Calories 176,878 Total Calories 141,690 Total Calories 184,720 Total Calories
Avg. Calories per Serving 399 Calories per Serving 226 calories per serving 216 calories per serving 83 calories per serving 224 calories per serving 171 calories per serving
Cost per 2,000 Calories $14.21 $21.72 $21.90 $22.60 $23.29 $16.35
Gluten Free Options Available
Total of 2,000 Calorie Days 141 days 68 Days 78 Days 88 Days 71 Days 92 Days
No MSG or AYE added (autolyzed yeast extract)
No Artificial Flavors
Nitrogen Flushed Mylar Pouches
Oxygen Absorbers in Every Pouch Unknown
Residual O2 Content 0.11% Average Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Stackable Storage Buckets
FREE Shipping Orders Over $199
Time to Ship 2-5 Business Days 9-13 Business Days 9-13 Business Days 7-10 Business Days 9-13 Business Days Unknown

Happy Customers!

Very good product!

Tiff 12/09/17

Very good product here, I might just buy several of these buckets instead of your other packages. Everything has tasted great and the variety has been very enjoyable. I could live off of this stuff for an extended period of time if forced to. Thanks!

A lot of food!

Shelby 10/25/16

I am glad that you offer this bucket, it is a great way to let someone try all your food. I wish that the portions were a little bit smaller, but your pouches provide a lot of food. I liked lots of the meals that I have tried and think that you guys have a very good product.

We love this!

Charlie 01/15/17

We love this big sample pack, it is wonderful. We like that we have been able to taste all the different meals, and so far so good. We have been very pleased with the food and think that your company is much better than the other ones that we have tried. Thanks for htis.

This is great!

Brynley 06/10/17

I love being able to try everything all in one place. This is great to have and I was shocked at how much food acturally comes in each pouch.


Natalie 11/27/16

This is really smart of you guys and I am glad that you offer this. The food has been terrific and we love the packaging. Thanks.

Best value by far!

Mike 02/29/17

Very solid product line that you guys are offering. The food has been pretty good, considering it is emergency food. I like the drink mixes, and several of the sides have tasted great, and most of the meals that I have tried are very good.