Emergency Mini-Kit

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Questions? (888)543-7345


The Emergency Miki-Kit is the perfect grab and go pack, with 20 gallons of water, Deluxe 2-Person Bug Out Bag, and Sun King Pico Plus Solar Lantern. Add this mini bundle of great supplies to your emergency supplies today!

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Package Information
2 Person Bug Out Bag
20 Gallons Water Storage
Portable Solar Lantern

Grab Legacy's Limited-Time Only Emergency Mini-Kit

This simple emergency kit provides simple, effective solutions to help ensure your emergency supplies have everything you may need. Included is a deluxe 2-person bug out bag, 20 gallon water storage and treatment, and a portable solar lantern from Sun King. These items are great if you needed a quick and easy getaway with water and other emergency gear. Add the bundle to your supplies today!

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Deluxe 2-Person Bug Out Bag
20 Gallon Water Storage with Water Treatment Kit
Portable Solar Lantern - Pico Plus