52-Quart (50L) High-Performance Rotomolded Cooler

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Questions? (888)543-7345

Durability, Ruggedness, Versatility, and Toughness! The Premium 52-Quart High-Performance Rotomolded Coolers by Legacy are built for the wild and made to last! These heavy-duty coolers provide maximum ice retention with their innovative design, provide more features than more expensive competitors, and really are cool (haha, see what we did there!!). Need a different size? Take a look at our 21 or 73-quart options.

Cooler Features
• Foam Insulated Thick Wall Construction for Maximum Ice Retention
• Freezer-grade Gasket to seal Cold Inside
• Rotomolded Durability and Toughness
• Tons of Additional Features

52-Quart Heavy-duty Rotomolded Premium Ice Cooler  

Legacy Rotomolded 52-Quart Coolers are incredible and will be your favorite new addition to your outdoor gear. Perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, or any outdoor activities that you can think of, this beast is virtually indestructible and will provide up to 7 days worth of ice retention and storage. With polyurethane foam pressure injected into the thick walls, these coolers can withstand the heat and make sure that your food, drinks, and anything else you want to stay cold will do just that. Check out the list of features below and then pick one up today, you won't be disappointed at all!

In addition to the outdoor activities that these coolers will enhance, having a couple coolers on hand for emergency situations is critical. If the power grid goes down or you lose power, these coolers act as frozen food insurance. All of the meat and other foods stored in your freezers can quickly be tossed in a cooler to keep them frozen for several days and protect your purchases. Rotomolded Coolers by Legacy...Amazing for outdoor adventures and absolutely critical for disaster scenarios!

52-Quart Cooler Features -

  • Rotomolded Construction - Virtually indestructible and incredibly strong all the way to the core
  • Freezer Grade Gasket - Highest quality gasket to keep the cold in and the heat out
  • Insulated, Thick Wall Construction- Commercial-grade polyurethane foam pressure injected into walls and lid for maximum ice retention
  • Simple Latch System - Reinforced TPE to ensure no busted latches
  • Smart Handles - Built-in molded handles are comfortable and easy to use. Removable military grade polyester rope handles are also included so you can choose which handles are better suited for the job at hand
  • Tie Down Slots - Slots are molded into the cooler lid for simple tie down to boats, truck beds, ATVs, and more
  • Smart Hinge Design - Interlocking design seals out the heat and smart hinge system provides optimal strength and long-lasting structural support
  • Leakproof Drain Plug - Quick and easy to use drain plug that never leaks and is attached via metal cord
  • Non-Slip Feet - Rubber feet ensure your cooler stays in place, even when wet
  • Locking Mechanism - Molded lock holes to protect from bears or to keep kids out of your beer supply (locks not included)
  • Bonus Features - 4 Cup Holders, Bottle Opener, and 26" Fish Ruler all built into the lid
  • Outer Dimensions - 28.7" x 17.71" x 16.93"
  • Inner Dimensions - 22.64" x 11.81" x 11.22", holds up to 75 cans of beer without ice
  • Capacity of roughly 40 beer cans with recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio
  • Ice retention of 120-168 hours (5-7 Days) with 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio (pre-chill cooler for maximum results)
  • Weighs approximately 28 lbs when empty 

To get your best Chill Out experience!

  • Pre-chill to be cool - the double thick walls are a fantastic insulator; however, they will also hold their ambient temperature and potentially melt your first batch of ice!  Keep you cooler cool or pre-chill with ice for a few hours before filling to get started on the right foot.
  • 2:1 odds - fill you cooler with a 2:1 ratio of ice to contents.  We recommend a combination of solid block ice (melts slower) and cubed or crushed ice to fill empty space.  Keep in mind that air or dead space is an enemy to keeping things frozen.  Ideally your cooler should be completely full for best ice retention. 
  • Hands-off!. . .as much as you can - as with any fridge or freezer, the less you open your cooler the better.  Every time you open the cooler you release all the chilled air and reintroduce hot air that will then need to be re-chilled.  Limiting access will greatly increase ice life.
  • Shady Practices - Keep your cooler in the shade!  Direct sunlight always heats things up, we recommend keeping your cooler in the shade or at least covered with a blanket, tarp, or even an emergency blanket to keep the heat at bay.
  • -109 Degrees of ice happiness - Dry ice is a fantastic way to keep things frozen and can be used in your high-performance cooler.  Dry ice sublimates directly into carbon dioxide gas, so you need to make sure you only use it in well ventilated areas, which goes for when you are transporting it as well (please avoid having in a closed vehicle!).  Take extra precaution when handling dry ice and still take care to fill any empty space with ice water to get the best cold benefits.

*** Additional Tips ***

Hot Stuff - Yes!... this cooler is fantastic at keeping things cool, but it also fantastic at keeping things hot!  For best performance pre heat your cooler in a warm room instead of pre-chilling.  Avoid placing any hot items directly on to the plastic of the cooler and keep things below 150 degrees to ensure you don't melt or deform your cooler.

How to clean - We recommend using a mild solution of soap and warm water to clean your cooler.  For more extreme cleaning you can clean with a light solution of warm water and bleach.