5.3 Gallon Heavy Duty Gas Can - Original Mil Spec Jerry Can

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Questions? (888)543-7345
Questions? (888)543-7345

Need a better way to store fuel? Introducing the most robust, highest quality Jerry Can on the market. Made from Cold Rolled Steel, this mil spec can includes a safety spout and adapter for vehicles with smaller filler receivers. Simple, effective storage of fuel has never been easier!

Package Information
Original Mil Spec Jerry Can
Heavy Duty 0.9mm Cold Rolled Steel
Spout and Adapter included
Splash Proof Pouring

Original Mil Spec, Steel Jerry Can with Safety Spout

Storing gasoline or fuel for survival purposes sometimes gets overlooked but could be an invaluable tool if disaster struck. Having a portable, heavy duty fuel can to power vehicles or generators during an emergency is easy to do with the 5.3 Gallon Heavy Duty Jerry Can from Legacy Food Storage. There is not a more robust or higher quality Jerry Can available on the market, so grab a couple for your emergency storage and be prepared with fuel in case the worst happens!

5.3 Gallon (20 Liter) Heavy-duty Jerry Can Features - 
  • 20 Liter Jerry Can system includes spout and spout adapter.
  • Fully paint-coated inside and outside.
  • Full, internal breather pipe for splash-proof pouring.
  • Original Mil Spec
  • DOT, EPA and CARB approved.
  • Safety spout attached, also includes an adapter for vehicles with smaller filler receivers.
  • Manufactured from 0.9mm Cold Rolled Steel ( DC 04 EN 10130).
  • Dual pan construction.
  • Unique wide channel breather for better smoother pouring.
  • Seam welded for extra strength.
  • Three Handle Configuration.
  • Leakproof Bayonet Closure.
  • Locking pin in cap.
  • Strengthened hinge on cap to prevent accidental bending when closing.
  • Cap designed to hold open when discharging the can.
  • Lined inside with fuel resistant Rezol enamel to prevent rusting.
  • Painted exterior epoxy polyester powder coat.
  • Manufactured and tested to comply with the following standards: DOT, EPA , C.A.R.B. , DIN 7274 and BAM – GGR001. Australian Standard – AS 2906. German Standard–TUV/GS. Swedish Standard-SP. UN–Dangerous goods approval.